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If you’re planning a construction, garden or home cleanout project in Cape Town, you may need a skip. With large amounts of small or hefty items to throw out in bulk – working with a skip company can save you from taking numerous trips to the landfill.

However, choosing the right company for your needs shouldn’t be a quick decision.

It’s important to make an informed choice taking several considerations into account. Consider the following three insights when making your choice.

Communication: Are company representatives knowledgeable and experienced?

Renting a skip for the very first time can be a confusing process. You will have some genuine questions and concerns, making excellent customer service an asset. Informative content on the company website is often a good sign of skip business that knows the industry well.

However, also pay attention to how a company representative answers your concerns:

  • Are they answering comfortably and confidently?
  • Do you feel that some questions are answered too vaguely? (For example, your questions about where they dispose your waste)
  • Do their answers make sense?
  • Are phone and email response times reasonable?
  • Will they offer to follow up if they don’t know the answer to your question?

In short, opt for a company that you have gauged to be experienced and knowledgeable about skip hire and waste management. A company with practical experience is likely one that you can trust to work quickly and efficiently.

Opting for a local business

Look for a skip company in your local area. This means that the company is not just operating in your area now but is an established business with a proven reputation among businesses and homeowners in your locality.

You may need your skip delivered before heading off to work or in conjunction with the needs of your construction team. Punctuality is imperative and having no space to store your waste whilst waiting for a late skip delivery is problematic. A local company has the benefit of likely knowing the general roads and traffic trends in the area – offering a punctual and expected service.

Remember, you can ask for referrals from family members, friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Legal, responsible disposal

It’s no secret that Cape Town has a major problem with illegal dumping. Whilst it’s true that there is an increase in green initiatives and public knowledge, we are still far from an adequate level. Unfortunately, unless we do something as a community about our environmental habits and lack of concern, future generations may soon have a serious problem.

How does the prospect skip company handle waste management?  Is your waste being disposed at registered municipal land fill sites and/or drop-off facilities? These are essential questions to have answered.

Unethical waste removal companies are known to skirt by-laws in a bid to bypass government fees.  The ultimate result of illegal dumping is major harm to humans, wildlife, and the environment. A reliable skip hire service in Cape Town will always use the proper methods of disposal. Make it a point to inquire the end-point of your waste.

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