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We Offer Cape Town Specialized Mini Skip Hire Services

Making the Right Choice with A Mini Skip Hire in Cape Town

Are you looking for skip bin hire Cape Town services? At SkipIt Green, we are pleased to offer waste management services for homes, businesses and contractors in our service area looking for waste removal with a skip. Our specialized services include the removal of construction rubble, garden waste, and garage and household junk.

Compact enough to sit neatly on a driveway, but large enough to hold up to 2 tons (2000 kgs) of waste, our mini skip hire Cape Town service has proven to be an excellent choice for local homeowners and construction companies needing fast and affordable waste removal. Call 082 731 1068 or email info@skipitgreen.co.za.

Greater Flexibility and Better Placement

Our mini skips are delivered on a trailer attached to an SUV – unlike the heavy, bulky vehicles used for larger skips. This makes a mini skip container better suited for a variety of different sites and property types. In fact, our smaller skips are sometimes the only option for sites with restricted space and access. Underground parking, apartments and residential complexes are just some example.

Mini Skip Containers Are Comparatively Lightweight to Help Prevent Property Damage

Along with their compact size, they are also considered lightweight compared to the bigger skip options. The sheer weight of larger skips actually pose the problem of damaging driveways, tarmac, asphalt and grass over time. These concerns can be avoided by opting for a mini skip instead.

Save Time On Larger Sites by Hiring Multiple Mini Skips

Construction and gardening projects often involve lugging around heavy materials. On larger job sites, teams could be spending too much time and energy carrying around their waste and materials, instead of actual work. Hiring multiple mini skip bins is one solution. They can be conveniently placed at strategic locations on the site to minimize downtime.  


Rubble Removal

A skip on a building, renovation or demolition site is a close and easy way of disposing hard and heavy construction waste.

Garden Refuse Removal

Gardening projects tend to produce many types of bulky and decomposing waste. Find out how a skip could help.

Garage Junk Removal

Spring cleaning may often result in more waste than the municipal services are willing to take. Our mini skips for hire can be placed right in front of your garage door for that added convenience.

FAQs for Skip Bin Hire Cape Town

If you have a question which is currently not answered here, seeking additional clarification or advice to an existing question – please contact us with your query.

How do I rent a skip from your company?

Easy! Get in touch through our contact page.

What skip sizes are available for hire?

Our skips are 2 cubic meters in dimension, which can hold two tons of material.

Do you offer mini skip bins?

Yes. All our skip bins are classified as ‘mini skips.’

How and when do I pay?

We accept upfront cash and EFT payment only. EFT: Skip collection and delivery is done after receiving proof of payment (via SMS or email). Cash: Cash payments are done COD, i.e., on delivery of the skip. Skips will not be delivered until full payment is received.

How soon can I rent a skip?

We have a maximum turn around time of 24 hours for mini skip hire in Cape Town. Sometimes, we can have your skip delivered in just an hour or two! Your location, as well as your time of inquiry will also play a part. Nevertheless, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround time.

For how long may I keep the skip once hired?

You are welcome to keep the skip for a maximum of three consecutive days, unless a prior arrangment has been made with us. Simply give us a call if its filled up sooner.

What types of waste can I put in the skip?

Only clean building rubble, or clean plant material, or clean household items, or clean garage items, are permitted in the skip. Importantly, loads should not be mixed with our skip bin hire Cape Town service. For example, do not mix building rubble with garage appliances, or mix garden refuse and trees with paper and cardboard, with skips that you hired from us.

What items are not allowed in the skip? Do you accept hazardous waste?

Asbestos and hazardous waste is not permitted in the skip. We do not offer this service. The following materials are prohibited: Liquids, oils, paint, paint thinners, wet cement, asbestos, glass, fiberglass, household kitchen refuse, solvents, batteries, chemical, laboratory and medical waste, gas canisters, etc.

How high can I load the skip?

Please refrain from filling the skip higher than the red line indicated on the exterior. No materials should protrude from any side of the skip. No more than 1.5 cubic metres of sand are to be placed in the skip. Skips containing only plant material can, however, be loaded up to 50 cm above the skip’s top provided no other material, such as building rubble, is present. All our mini skips for hire have a maximum allowable weight of 2 tons (2000 kg). The allowed 1.5 cubic meters of sand weighs approximately 1.4 tons (1400 kg).

Where will you place the skip bin? Can it be placed in a public parking spot or on the roadside?

Skips must be kept on your private or company property. Being mini skip bins, they do fit neatly into driveways. As possible, we can also drive in and drop the skip closer to where its needed, such as on construction sites. Local regulations prohibit skips, even mini skips, from being placed on roads, pavements, public parking lots, etc.

Are your skips supplied with a cover? What if it rains and the skip fills up with water?

No covering; All our skips have drainage holes at the bottom.

What happens to my waste once collected?

You can trust SkipIt Green to care about the environment. We take your waste to a registered landfill site or recycling facility in accordance with regulation.

Can monthly skip hire contracts be arranged?

Yes! Daily, weekly and even monthly contracts can be arranged for any length of duration needed with all of our skip bin hire services in Cape Town.